Panama City Beach Helicopter Rides

There aren’t too many ways to get that bird’s eye view of the sweeping white sands of Panama City Beach – although obviously if you were a seagull you’d be set. Maybe you’ve already tried parasailing (go you!) and found it to be totally awesome, which of course it is! But we’re not all brave enough to soar through the sky with our legs dangling, and so if you’re not quite up for the parasailing but you’re still craving an in-air adventure, how about a Panama City Beach helicopter tour?

A helicopter tour over the Gulf of Mexico is an insanely cool experience. Sure, it may still take a little courage to do it, but any doubts you may have will instantly go right on out of the window along with your wide eyes – it’s truly something you will remember for the rest of your life. Our beaches here in Panama City Beach are some of the world’s best, and kicking back soaking up the sun is what your vacation is all about. But imagine getting off the lounger just for an hour and doing something exciting and brag-worthy in addition to all that oh-so wonderful relaxation. Think of what you’ll see from up there! Think of the stories you’ll have to tell!

Panama City Beach helicopter tours range from a 5 mile intro tour to a 36 mile tour that takes in the surrounding area of scenic highway 30A. One of the most popular tours takes you over 24 miles of emerald coast water viewing historic St. Andrews State Park, the shipping channel, Grand Lagoon, and the spectacular and uninhabited Shell Island. You will be surprised at the abundance of marine life around Shell Island, and you’ll even see sunken boats and man-made reefs which are home to a variety of species of fish. How amazing is that?

All helicopter tours require a 2 person minimum on each ride, and rates are extremely reasonable for such a great experience. We’re talking prices starting at $40 per person, and of course you can take your camera along for the ride too, for the ultimate souvenir. The helicopter can hold three passengers plus the pilot, and believe it or not no reservations are necessary! The only time you may want to call ahead to book is if you’re interested in a romantic sunset flight, as these are pretty popular and availability can sometimes be limited. When it comes to a helicopter tour company in Panama City Beach, Panhandle Helicopter is the area’s top choice. You can visit their website here, or call (850) 230 2080 for more info. Bon voyage!

Panhandle Helicopter is located at 15726 Front Beach Road