Shipwreck Island Waterpark

There’s absolutely no better way to beat that heat, work on your tan lines and get your splash fix than at Shipwreck Island water park. We know, the beach is pretty awesome too, but hey, the beach doesn’t have endless rides, a never-ending lazy river or a wave pool, now does it? We still love you beach, but today we are focusing on how cool Shipwreck is! What helps make this one of Northwest Florida’s hottest attractions is the fact that it has been around forever but still manages to maintain its status as “cool beyond words”. There’s absolutely nothing dated about any of the rides, if anything they just keep getting better year by year! Plus this twenty-acre park features lush landscaping, a professionally trained aquatics staff and a super convenient location in the heart of Panama City Beach. Here’s what you get.

  • The Tipping Bucket

    The Tipping Bucket is a huge 750 gallon bucket that was added in 2011, and makes a big old splash over 100 times a day. Perfect for the hot days!

  • Tadpole Hole

    Tadpole Hole is a little world for the little people, and the perfect spot next to the lazy river for families to just kick back and spend the day. There’s a purple frog slide, a ship slide, an elephant slide, a pelican slide, a rope climb, a fort, and a little, yellow submarine known as “The Silly Sub.”

  • Skull Island

    Skull Island has been a family favorite for years, and now with the addition of the Tipping Bucket it’s even more popular!

  • The Great Shipwreck

    The Great Shipwreck is actually a replica of a 17th century sailing ship, where you swing out from the ship high on a cable and drop into a deep lagoon pool. SO much fun!

  • Ocean Motion Wave Pool

    Ocean Motion Wave Pool is a 500,000-gallon pool that generates three foot waves every ten minutes. The setting makes you feel as though you are on the beach, and the water is warm and crystal-clear. This attraction would be amazing all by itself!

  • Raging Rapids

    The Raging Rapids is a white water inner tube ride, need we say more?

  • Lazy River

    The Lazy River is over 2,000 feet of a slow moving, meandering river that is the park’s most relaxing attraction! Jump in an inner tube and float your cares away!

  • White Knuckle River

    The White Knuckle River is about as much fun as you could ever have, and features a 660-foot long twisting, winding inner tube ride with tubes large enough for the entire family to splash down in.

  • Pirates Plunge

    The Pirate’s Plunge Racing Slide is a pair of dueling slides that are situated side by side from a 60-foot tall tower. Of course you can always do both and show people just how awesome you are!

  • Tree Top Drop

    Thrill seekers – this one’s for you! Tree Top Drop is actually two slides coming off of a 65-foot tall platform. One slide is a dark tube that drops onto a free fall slide, (wowza!) and the other is the Tree Top Drop, which is a dark, enclosed twisting tube slide. You got what it takes?

  • Zoom Flume

    Zoom Flume has been a fixture at Shipwreck Island water-park since 1976, and is honestly just as much fun for families today! There are three twisting lanes on the Zoom Flume, and it’s actually the only slide in the park where kids can double up with mom and dad as they race on down to the bottom!