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Dinner with The Mob | Dinner and Show
April 20th
Laketown Wharf Event Center

Dinner with The Mob LIVE at Laketown Wharf Resort

There is a new theatrical cooking show touring the country which features a Broadway style show with amazing talent filled with singing, comedy, music, live cooking on stage and featuring their New York chef turned actor, Vincent Fiore as star of the show.  This show is a live spin-off of The Wiseguy Kitchen Television Show.

The WiseGuy Kitchen show is the brain child of Fiore who created, wrote and produced the show, Vincent decided to bring the show from NYC to Florida to start a new life doing what he loves, “Cooking for his friends!, the show now tours the country and is making stops in Casinos, Hotels, Cruise Ships and Theatres.  The show originally filmed in the DC and NYC by producer Jerry Moore known more for his sci-fi show Monster Madhouse then cooking shows and was originally intended only to be an artistic outlet for Vincent, it took off unexpectedly winning Vincent four Telly Awards, the show is now produced by Chuck Powers of Black Rock Entertainment and has since been nominated for three 2016 Taste Awards and nominated again in 2017. The 2018 season has been a huge success for Vincent and the show winning both the 2018 Telly Awards and 2018 Taste Awards. 

Audience patrons of the TV show watch as Vinnie teaches them how to prepare classic New York style Italian dishes with a WiseGuy flair , while the cast, crew, and often celebrity guest of the live show try to distract Vinnie from his ultimate goal of going legit!  

Fiore, brings his live show “THE WISEGUY KITCHEN” to Laketown Wharf , PCB  Fl a show that he created, produced and wrote with Orlando based Actor/Director Phil Card a long time Dinner Theater veteran at Disney and Universal Studios. 

The more intriguing aspect of this particular show is that it is a brilliant mixture of all things creative and cultural about the performing arts.  It is not just a theatre show as this particular show travels to multiple venues throughout the country bringing their food and off Broadway style entertainment to the patron- rather than the patrons going to them, Fiore calls it “Eater-Tainment” 

It’s not just theatre because there is live cooking on stage, often-if not always with patrons pulled out of the audience to assist.  It is truly a show not like anything else because it is as interactive with the audience as a live or taped cooking show.  Vincent Fiore, the show’s creator and producer said, “Where else can you learn how to cook classic New York style Italian gourmet cuisine and be entertained by the finest show talent the stage has to offer?  We have it all!  Great food, great talent, singing, dancing, and a great story!   

Music in the show, though added accidentally as a mere time filler originally, has ultimately brought the show to Broadway style quality and brilliance.  

Featuring actors Tracy Roese ( Maria) who brings the crowd to tears with her rendition of “My Heart Will Go On”  Stacey Steele (Nina) who gives a brilliant performance as Vinny’s ditzy ex- mob girl turned assistant , Phil Card ( Uncle Carmine) who is Vinny’s trusted sidekick gives an amazing performance as a mob funny man, Murray Krasnoff (Louie The Loan Shark) the money hungry mobster in the crew brings the crowd to their feet with an exciting rendition of “Just a Gigolo) , and Everett Dean (Rocco) who is the shows flamboyant mob host who loves the ladies, Bill Castner (DJ Flashback) who fills the room with music of the 70’S & 80’s , and then there is Fiore himself (Vinny) a showman and improv master he amuses the crowd with his one liners , interacts with the audience, cooks amazing dishes on stage and gives a brilliant performance of a mobster turned chef. 

Audiences love to watch cooking shows on TV , 8 out of 10 according to a recent Harris Poll , and millions tune in to watch Mob shows like The Sopranos , movies like Goodfellas and The Godfather, and Vincent Fiore and Phil Card found a way to give the audience what they want by combining both into one great show.  


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Dates & Times

  • Saturday, April 20, 2019 @ 6:30 PM