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Your Coastal Holiday Gift Guide

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Holiday season has arrived! This year flew by, not in a good way, but here we are. Are you ready to close out our craziest year? We thought we would do a roundup of gift ideas to help at least take some stress out of holiday shopping. Unless your recipient is into collections, it can be tough coming up with new ideas. Here are some of our suggestions for the people who seem to have everything.


Get Creative

A DIY gift can be pretty special. The meaning behind gifts are just as special as the gifts! Have you been on a trip recently that you can scrapbook your memories? Since many of us are homebound lately, a nice candlelit dinner in would be great. You can take a favorite photo and have it made into a canvas. Browse Pinterest for more ideas and give a one-of-a-kind gift!


Gift Cards

There will likely be lots of gift cards going around this year. It’s harder to go out and meet for dinner so you could give a restaurant gift card. Everyone loves a night off from cooking! Have a friend that can’t live without Starbucks? Get their coffee for the week. Know someone moving into a new place? Home Goods would be a great place to get them a gift card to help decorating their new home. Trust us, most people would appreciate a card to pick out what they want rather than a boxed gift they’ll never use.


Send Flowers

Flower delivery has come a LONG way. In the past, you might have ordered a bouquet that looked like a collection of thirty fully-bloomed flowers in the picture but showed up as a sad handful of dying carnations. There are so many companies now that offer stunning bouquets or gift baskets that won’t break the bank. Farmgirl Flowers has a wide variety of gorgeous arrangements to choose from and they show up just as gorgeous as the photos.


Quarantine Ideas

Since a lot of families are staying indoors as much as possible and virtual learning is common, why not buy something fun to kick boredom? Puzzles, classic movies, board games, anything to pass the time at home. Hobby Lobby has a nice section for crafts and experiments. Staying safe at home doesn’t need to be boring!


A Beach Getaway

Of course, few would turn down a trip to the beach. This year has been chaotic and sometimes we need a break with some new surroundings. Miles of pristine beaches, emerald blue-green waters, and soft sand between your toes is sure to beat the blues. Book your Panama City Beach condos and take the family and friends to the coast!


While gifts are nice and we love to know someone is thinking of us, we are grateful to have our health and there’s nothing like spending quality time with those we love. So even if things don’t look like we expected them to by now, we can still unplug and enjoy some downtime with our favorite people.

Published on Wednesday, November 11, 2020