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8 Reasons to Visit Panama City Beach Late Summer to Early Fall

With the summer season winding down across the Florida panhandle, the summer crowds have left, the sun is still shining, the water is still warm, and the temperature and humidity are dropping making it the ideal time to connect and explore in Panama City Beach. Here are a few suggestions to consider during your next visit. 

1. Take Advantage of Lower Rates

With the summer crowds dissipating, kids going back to school, and the weather cooling down, this is the perfect time to grab a vacation at a lower cost. If you’re looking to get the biggest bang for your buck, plan an off-season vacation in early August and take advantage of the lower prices, cooler weather, and smaller crowds. Want to see just how great the savings are? Just take a look at our Panama City Beach resorts selection!

2. Less Crowds

Take a hint from the locals, late summer-early fall is the best time to get out and enjoy all that Panama City Beach has to offer. With the summer crowds gone and the kids back in school, it’s the perfect opportunity to visit some of the more popular attractions, like Shell Island, without the wait.

3. Cooler Weather

You can look for cooler weather right around early September in the Florida panhandle. The temperatures start dropping off, bringing us cooler nights, less humidity but surprisingly warm waters. This makes for the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beaches and the outdoors without getting overheated. The cooler weather also makes for great outdoor dining and drinking outdoors, too. Relax at one of Panama City Beach’s many great beachside restaurants and bars, check out a live show, or sip a cocktail aboard a dolphin cruise as the sun sets beyond the horizon.

4. Hiking Trails

This is the perfect time of year to take advantage of Florida’s natural beauty. Roam, hike, or bike around the almost 3,000 acres of Panama City Beach Conservation Park and discover the natural beauty and wildlife, like eagles, alligators, whitetail deer, and more. St. Andrew’s State Park has both on and off-beach activities with hiking, designated swimming areas, fishing piers, pavilions, and even snorkeling equipment to rent.

5. Beach Bonfires

With the humidity and temperature dropping, this is the perfect time is cozy up beside your own personal bonfire on the beach. Endless Beach Rentals has multiple locations along the beaches where they can set up a bonfire for you, whether you have a small group or a big extended family. You can even opt for a package that provides the chairs, food, and speakers. Light Me Up Beach Bonfires and Beach Rentals Panama City Beach also offer convenient bonfire setups that include everything you need for an unforgettable evening with your family and friends.

6. Festivals

From June 4-6 you can enjoy the most exciting acts in country and southern rock music today at the Gulf Coast Jam. Festival-goers from around the country travel to Panama City Beach to spend their afternoon jamming their hearts out to some of the best country music and dance away the cool nights. Wanting to travel later in the year? You can't miss SandJam Fest October 1-3 and Schooner's Lobster Festival and Tournament from October 12-18 featuring fresh lobster, live music, and contests.

7. Fishing Season

According to Captain Nathan Chennaux, if you are an angler looking for some fun, productive time on the water, then fall is the time of year to be in Panama City Beach. As the water temperature cools, predator fish begin to feast on schools of baitfish that are preparing to migrate to warmer waters, this makes for some exciting fishing action. Whether you prefer to fish inshore, around the inlets, or along the beaches, there will be plenty of fish to catch, including the elusive tarpon and sought-after flounder. We recommend Reel Commocean for an unforgettable fishing trip!

8. Breathtaking Sunsets

All sunsets are beautiful, but if you haven’t seen a fall sunset in Panama City Beach, you are missing out! During the fall, the low-hanging clouds make for some of the most spectacular and breathtaking sunsets we have ever seen, leaving you with stunning pink and fiery orange sky.

Perfect Time to Vacation

Whether you enjoy relaxing or being busy and taking in the sights, you can’t go wrong in Panama City. If you like the beaches, why not book a Panama City Beach condo right on the beach? Emerald View Resorts has everything you need to make your fall vacation perfect.

Published on Thursday, May 6, 2021